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At Killiehuntly we don’t have guests in the traditional sense. In our hands you are able to truly relax as all the essentials are being taken care of. Whatever you would like to get from your stay with us, we will do our best to make it happen and to make your stay memorable. Traveling to the Highlands is quite an adventure  in itself which,  requires a bit of planning as well as information about how to get around. The road to Killiehuntly is the road less travelled, which makes it even better and more special.

But you’ll find that although off-the-beaten track  we are at the forefront of design and are able to offer everything from a kinfolk gathering, to a hunting trip or a business event. Below is a brief selection of a few beloved Killiehuntly experiences. Please contact us for the full list of activities and local attractions.

Working Sheep Dogs

Here in the Highlands we are closely connected to our animals. In times gone by we depended on our surefooted ponies to transport goods and game. Staying at Killiehuntly you might experience how sheepdogs herd the sheep around from pasture to pasture.

Hunting & Stalking

Let us take you on a once in a lifetime experience. Allowing you to get close to the wildlife here in the Cairngorms. Our experienced rangers will track different kinds of wildlife with you. Shoot them with your weapon or your camera.


The farm has a lot to offer also when it comes to physical activity. Take one of our fat tire mountain bikes which are perfectly suited when you want to go off the beaten track and have a bit of bike adventure.


We think the best way to experience the Highlands is on foot. Follow the marked paths or go your own way for a day with a well organized rucksack and a tasty Killiehuntly Piece. Walking lets your mind wander letting in new energy, fresh ideas or and allows you to clear your head.

Wild Swimming

Part of being in the wild is the spiritual cleansing that breathtaking natural surroundings can offer. In Scandinavia plunging into ice-cold water is a hallowed tradition. Swimming in a rushing river or crystal pool makes the blood rush and your skin tingle.

At the Tromie River there are at least two good wild swimming spots.


At Killiehuntly you have perfect fishing waters. The farm is part of Wildland Ltd whose main aim is to restore and conserve natural landscapes and local communities. As such it is closely regulated and balancing out the wild life at the farm.

Our Farmhouse

The farm dates back to 1850‘s and for decades was owned by the eccentric and charismatic Mrs. Sandison.
In 2011 it was bought by Anne Storm Pedersen and her husband Anders, who painstakingly restored the farmhouse and its surrounding properties.

The main house is stylishly refurbished with contemporary furniture created by Danish designers and local Scottish craftsmen.

Rooms & Property

At Killiehuntly you can experience the spirit and values of a simpler time. The sturdy stone walls of the farmhouse have seen wars and generations come and go. You can feel the history of the Scottish Highlands unfold as you enter Killiehuntly.

Our Kitchen

Killiehuntly is a working farm. We serve good wholesome food made from our own organically farmed produce. Simple, natural and delicious.

Farm to Table

It is all about homemade, local, simple and honest beautiful food served in a setting where people come together to spend precious time away from the daily routine and busy life.

Nature, Sporting, Outdoors

Killiehuntly is more than a luxurious stay in one of the Worlds most beautiful places. It’s the perfect place for extraordinary gatherings or company events. It’s the perfect gift to someone who you love or a person who deserves a special treat.

Private Hire

Killiehuntly is your private hideaway surrounded by a 4,000-acre farm. It is a place where to relax and recharge your batteries. Enjoy the freedom of hiking in the heather-clad hills, feel the wind on your face and breathe the fresh Highland air.

Sauna Yurd

The Killiehuntly Yurd is a treat. Heated with a slow burning wood fire to normal 80 C you will have a healthy sweat ... and if you are up to it a cool dip in the wooden tub outside. Like winter-bathing its get the heart pumping and skin pickle. You fell alive.

Pony Picnic

Let us arrange a really special hike for you ! A really nice walk alongside our sturdy ponies led by experiences Killiehuntly rangers, that will take you to some of our favorite sites on the estate. The ponies carry your supplies for the day, which could be freshly made Killiehuntly Piece, lemonade, tea, coffee, brownies, sweets and fruit to keep you going and happy through out your walk.

Killiehuntly Farmhouse & Cottage. By Kingussie, Highland PH21 1NZ, Scotland. Phone: + 44 (0) 1540 661 619


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